Alternative Treatments for Adult Depression

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What are some alternatie treatment for treating adult depression?

Alternative Treatments for Adult Depression

Adults suffering from depression can use alternative treatments besides prescription medications. Alternative or complimentary medicine comes from the Eastern world and treats the entire body and mind as one and not separate body parts. They believe if the mind is not well, then the entire bodies energy is not flowing properly.

Some alternative treatment options for adults suffering from depression are:

• Acupuncture – Certain points of the body or Meridians are slightly pinched with small, steel, thin needles while relaxing.
• Chiropractic care – The aligning of the body starting from the head down to the feet.
• Massage therapy – Allows relaxation of the body and mind together and getting rid of toxins which can cause infections by breaking up the nodes where tension sits.
• Chelation – The distribution of vitamins and supplements given to the body through an IV.
• Balancing of vitamins, supplements, and diet – Keeping the body chemicals balanced.
• Allergies – There are theories that adults suffering from depression are affected by wheat, sugar, milk, and yeast products. Also, sensitivity to smells like perfumes, cleaning products, or plastics can also cause a depression episode.

Each adult has to find which treatment works best for them; many times it could be a combination of alternative medicine and prescription drugs. Consult a therapist who is familiar with the different treatments for depression in adults.



5/21/2007 9:59:52 PM
Terri Anderson said:

Many people have symptoms of depression when it is actually an underlying medical condition. Physcians can be quick to prescribe an anti-depressant before ruling out other disorders such as Hypothyroidism and other endocrine disorders. The above options are all certainly worthy considerations, just make sure your not overlooking the root cause. As a therapist, I always take an extensive medical history including family history and refer for a physcial and lab work if indicated.


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