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I notice that someone I know who suffers depression is sick often, why is that?

Chronic Illness Can Be A Sign Of Depression

People who suffer from depression may experience multiple flu, cold or other symptoms. Depression lowers the body's resistance and ability to fight even simple illnesses.

What are problems with current depression treatments?

Proper Treatment IS Not The Prevalient Method Of Treatment

Due to HMO's and our drive-thru mentally, many people suffering from depression are not given the appropriate treatment. For example, regular physicians dole out antidepressants without complete mental screening procedures.

Is depression treatable?

Most Depression Cases Can Be Treated Effectively

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that with proper treatment, most depression sufferers can be helped or even cured.

How can a person who suffers depression function in everyday life?

Depression Suffers Can Have High Functioning Lives.

There are reported cases of high level executives and CEO's who execute the requirements of their jobs flawlessly, yet suffer from depression.

How serious is depression?

Depression IS More Common Than People Think.

Did you know: 1 in 5 Americans in the country suffer from some form of depression. The APA reports worldwide depression is growing many times faster than AIDS.

Where do I begin to understand what depression is?

Learn To Understand What Depression Really IS.

Society places many preconceived stigmas on people that suffer depression. Depression is an illness with similar causes factors as the disease Diabetes.

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