Alternative Medicine for the Treatment of Depression in Teenagers

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What are some Alternative Treatments to help teenage depression?

Alternative Medicine for the Treatment of Depression in Teenagers

Alternative medicine practices, also known as Eastern medicine, believes in treating the entire body for mental illness, not just the mind or the body. For teenagers to begin to feel better emotional, alternative medicine can give this desire to them.

By treating the entire body for depression, body aches, cluttered mind, and low self-esteem all can be treated at once through the many options. Some treatment options that teens have found helped with their depression are:

• Art Therapy
• Changing to a balanced and nutritional diet
• Energy therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, reiki, qi gong, or thai chi
• Yoga

By combating teen depression as an overall mind / body treatment, it teaches the teen at a young age how to change their behavior naturally without the use of abusing drugs or alcohol.



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