Substances and Teenage Depression

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Why depressed teenagers should not use substances

Substances and Teenage Depression

When a teenager begins to not feel right mentally, emotionally, or physically, the last thing many want to do is speak to a parent or adult. Some teens confide in a friend but even this become risky as the teen does not want their personal life broadcasted throughout the entire school.

Unfortunately, when a teenager does not feel they have anyone to speak to about what they are feeling, they sometimes turn to alcohol or drugs. Instead of visiting a therapist to get an official diagnosis and a prescription medication for depression, they self-medicate with the use of recreational drugs and alcohol.

If a teenager is feeling lost and sadness, using a substance makes them feel better, or so they think. What occurs in the body are the chemicals and brain chemistry all begin to change, allowing the teen to feel some relief. The problem with using substances is they are illegal and the teen does not have self control. Once the body begins to get use to the substance, the teen begins to take more of the drug or alcohol and can end up badly hurting themselves.

Self-medicating is not an option and the depressed teenager needs to be brought to a professional therapist.



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