Teenage Depression and the School Effect

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How can teens learn to cope with their stress?

Teenage Depression and the School Effect

Teenagers have many things occurring in their lives from school activities, a social life, to keeping up with their grades. The amount of stress a teenager faces each day can trigger behaviors which can cause a depression to occur.

The pressure to do well in school can be brought on by parent's as well as the teenagers themselves. To get the highest grades over peers is a stressor that many teens face. If a teenager has been a consistent “A” student and then one day they received a mark of a “B,” this could affect the teen to begin a downward spiral.

Some teens feel worthless after receiving a lower grade than they are used to and this can be a trigger of depression. Stress plays a very large role in teenage depression. Just from this one incident, the teen can feel ashamed, confused, sad, and angry all at the same time. With all these emotions occurring at once, the teen doesn't know where or who to turn to for help. With the emotional rollercoaster the teen is experiencing, their grades begin to drop and their behavior begins to change.

Approaching a teenager who seems frazzled, needs to be done in a supportive and non-threatening manner. The teen feels ashamed and has not learned how to handle this situation and needs guidance. Never speak down to your teenager and don't over step the boundaries. Making your teenager aware that things happen in life which we can't predict and you are around to support them is important.



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