How to Speak to your Doctor when Suffering from Depression

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How to speak to your doctor when suffering from depression

How to Speak to your Doctor when Suffering from Depression

If you are an individual who thinks they are suffering from depression, before approaching a doctor, begin keeping a journal. In the journal, keep track of your moods over an extended period of time. If you find that your moods change sporadically throughout the day, then set up your journal by days and times.

Before a doctor will begin any treatment, they will ask you a set of questions focusing on your emotional well being. Don't attack the doctor because they are asking certain questions; these are specific in helping them to help you. A common first reaction is to become defensive, but remember you sought the help and a doctor can help you cope with depression.

Keep an open mind and after the session, if you feel that you and the doctor don't fit, then try talking to a different doctor. There are no rules which state you must stay with the first doctor you try; shop around, after all this is your well-being and your health.



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