Adult Depression and Psychotherapy

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What are psychotherapy options for adult depression?

Adult Depression and Psychotherapy

When adults are suffering from depression, the loss of control can drive them to have anxiety since many have never experienced this sickness before. It is hard to openly speak to a spouse or a friend about what they are feeling inside and many depressed adults seek the help of a counselor or psychotherapist.

Some factors to expect when a depressed adult begins therapy are:

• First, an adult should get a physical to make sure the psychological problems aren't occurring from a physical issue.

• When therapy is started, the positive effect is often strong and many depressed adults begin to feel “cured.” The reasoning is the adult finally found someone to share their feelings with in a safe environment.

The difference between counseling and psychotherapy is a counselor teaches the adult how to solve their problems while a therapist helps with understanding the underlying behavior patterns and stopping them.



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