How to Treat Bipolar Disorder?

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How to Treat Bipolar Disorder?

A person suffering from Bipolar disorder may find close relationships ended, poor job or school performance, and thoughts or attempts at suicide. Due to the growing population of people suffering from Bipolar disorder, treatments for depression sufferers have increased.

Bipolar disorder is not just a one time episode but a reoccurring illness which can be controlled with proper medication and psychiatric treatment. Medications which can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist or M.D., are also known as mood stabilizers to keep the sufferer stable.

Some treatment options are:

• Lithium – the first mood stabilizing medication which is effective

• Anticonvulsant medications – used for difficult to treat bipolar episodes

• Getting chosen for a study group to test new medications

• Antidepressants

• Psychiatric care

• Psychosocial care – Talk therapy, behavior modification



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