What are signs of Bipolar Disorder?

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What are signs of Bipolar Disorder?

What are signs of Bipolar Disorder?

Although Bipolar disorder does affect millions of people, when the symptoms are not recognizable, what are specifics a person should look for? One of the most common symptoms among sufferers of Bipolar depression are the energetic highs to the listless lows.

These are signs of a manic episode:

• Increased energy

• Euphoric mood

• Extreme irritability

• When speaking, jumping from one idea to another

• Lack of focus

• Poor judgment

• Increased sex drive

• Denying that anything is wrong

These are signs of a depressive episode:

• Sad

• Anxious

• Hopelessness

• No interest in activities

• Decreased energy

• Trouble remembering

• Fatigued

• Thought or attempts at suicide

If you suspect a friend or family member may be suffering from Bipolar disorder, contact a therapist. Approach the suspected person supportively and let them know you are ready to listen.



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