Teenage Sadness and Depression

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What are signs of teenage sadness?

Teenage Sadness and Depression

For teenagers and young adults, the feeling of sadness is normal. When the feelings do not disappear and stick around for an extended amount of time of a couple of weeks to a few months; then this should become a concern.

Teenage sadness can dominate one's life and relationships with family and friends when they begin to disappear. The feeling that nothing can go right becomes difficult for a depressed teen to handle alone. Hopelessness begins to take over and the rest of the teenager's life is affected.

From low school attendance and low grades to running away, teenage depression is not easy for the teen experiencing these emotions. Many try alcohol or drugs while others try suicide, just to try and stop the pain they continual feel.

Some signs of teenage sadness are:

• Sad mood

• Difficulty sleeping

• Loss of energy

• Difficulty concentrating

• Frequent thoughts and signs of death and suicide

• Social isolation

• Neglect of clothing or appearance

If you think your teenager is suffering from depression, approach them in a supportive manner and seek help.



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