Signs of a Teenager Using Drugs

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What are sign of teen drug abuse?

Signs of a Teenager Using Drugs

The misguided feelings of a teenager coping with depression can bring on behavior that many parents would never think of. When a teenager feels there is no one to talk to about their thoughts and feelings, many will seek out alternative ways over finding a supportive person to speak with.

One of the most common drugs depressed teenagers use is Marijuana. Other names for this drug are weed, pot, ganga, Mary Jane, or reefer. Pot can be smoked or eaten to experience the affects the teen desires to forget about their problems.

Parents can look for certain products like cigarette rolling papers, a pipe or bowl with filters, a water bong, or a DIY bong (made from soda bottles or piping).

Teenagers suffering from depression who have used Marijuana will think they can trick their parents into not thinking they are on drugs. Many will act normal and try to hold conversations as if they were fully sober.

Some physical signs a parent can look for if they suspect their teenager is abusing drugs:

• Pupils are dilated
• Cigarette rolling papers
• Smell on clothing, hair, in room, or in car
• Eyes are bloodshot
• Laziness and no motivation
• Less coordination



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