Signs of a Teen Using Alcohol

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What are signs of teenage alcohol use?

Signs of a Teen Using Alcohol

One of the easiest substances to obtain for a depressed teenager is alcohol. Although the legal buying and drinking age is 21, teens can find ways of getting their coping mechanism choice through different sources.

If parents of teenagers are suspecting their teen is abusing alcohol, here are a few signs to look for without having to ask.

• Slurred speech

• Poor coordination

• Smelling of alcohol on clothing or breath

• Bottles missing from the liquor cabinet

• Excessive need for water

• Strange mood

• Sweating

• Disoriented

• Liquor cabinet is watered down

There is no difference if your teen is drinking beer or vodka, alcohol should not be used by a teenager with depression. If your teenager comes home drunk, deal with the intoxication the following morning. If the teen is old enough to drive, their keys should be taken away and explained about the zero-tolerance law for underage drivers.

If your depressed teen is experiencing serious alcoholism, consult a therapist and seek treatment.



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