Teenage Depression and Self-Control

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How do teens try and keep self-control?

Teenage Depression and Self-Control

The teenage years are not something a child is normally prepared for. One day they are daddy's little girl, and the next day they are trying to ward off boys whose hormones are racing at high speeds.

Many times, teenagers find a loss of control through these years and try to regain some control over their emotions. Teenage bodies are changing each and every day at rapid speeds and many teenagers do not know who to turn to or how to ask for help. They feel the only person they can trust with what is happening inside is their own self.

Teenagers become secretive and may use different excuses of why they don't want to participate in activities they once loved. Teenagers who are suffering from depression will begin to feel they have no control over their emotions or thoughts. They may begin to experiment with different forms of coping mechanisms.

One of the hardest things for a teenager is losing the feeling of self-control. The combination of hormones, body changes, chemical changes, and social class changes can be too many differences; a teen just loses their footing and slips into a depression.



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