Teenage Anger and Depression

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What are signs ot teenage anger?

Teenage Anger and Depression

The anger which is associated with teenage depression comes in different forms but the significance of the intensity of anger is well defined. When a teen feels there is no one who can help them with their feelings of depression, they react in two different ways.

• Repress anger and withdrawing from the situation or

• Defiant and destruction of property

Depression can take all shapes and forms and how the teenager reacts to their feelings of sadness, anxiety, and helplessness, will come with each individual situation.

Some forms of teenage anger are physical and verbal. Below are a few signs of a teenager suffering from depression:

• Negative expressions – prejudice, hurtful gossip
• Antisocial behavior
• Sarcasm
• Harming others – physically
• Harming themselves
• Disruptive and destructive – punching a wall
• Fear
• Frustration
• Confusion

If you feel your teen is showing any of these signs of anger for an extended period of time, consult a therapist who understands how to approach teen depression.



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