Why do Teens Cut?

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Why do teens cut?

Why do Teens Cut?

When a teenager is feeling depressed and doesn't know why they are experiencing these emotions, they feel ashamed and have no where to turn for help. Many teens hear about cutting and feel by giving it a try, would make them seem grown up, popular, or even daring. Today, since cutting is more openly spoken about concerning teenage depression, it may seem like the newest trend but cutting is a serious problem.

Depression is not an illness to take lightly. Adults have a hard time dealing with the symptoms so imagine a teenager's trouble. Cutting is considered an unhealthy coping mechanism and practiced by teens that have not learned ways to deal with strong emotions, stressors, and traumatic relationship issues.

Younger teens have the urge to use cutting as a form of dealing with their depression because it makes them feel more in control of their situation. This becomes a non-healthy way of relieving their tension and needs to be corrected before it can get out of control.



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