Constantly Fighting with a Teenager

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Why teens fight?

Constantly Fighting with a Teenager

As children begin to become adolescents, there is an overall approach to parenting throughout the teenage years which allows children to distance themselves from the family. This is expected when teenager's bodies begin to change and their hormones begin to create awkwardness within their mind with certain body images of both mental and physical differences.

Due to the uneasy feelings occurring inside, teenagers begin to fight with their parents or guardians. Fights can begin from the slightest stimulant of asking where they are going with their friends to requesting a chore to be completed. Although this does sound like normal teenage behavior, the concern comes when there is never a rest from the fighting. Each and every day is a constant battle to try and converse and live under the same roof.

If you are finding your teenager is in constant battle mode and it has been lingering around for quite some time, consider consulting a therapist who specializes in teenage depression.



11/1/2007 5:19:00 PM
Morgan said:

Hi my name is morgan and im 14 years old. Me and my mom constanly fight and it gets really old. I'm sorry to say this but i am not very fond of my mom, she can get carried away with the punishments sometimes. i wonder why i have to live a life this way? Does anyon else have to deal with this? I want to help those others who feel what i feel. But how? i dont know yet but hopefully soon i will know.


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