Effects of Teenage Depression

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How does the teenager react from depression?

Effects of Teenage Depression

Parents may feel their teenagers are purposely acting out to make a statement or gain their attention when in fact these are signs of depression. Below are a few effects that teens may do when suffering from depression.

• Substance abuse: When a teen doesn't know why they are feeling sadness, anxiety, or helplessness, many turn to using drugs or alcohol to get rid of the pain.

• Unworthiness: Self-esteem becomes low and depression can bring stronger negative feelings about body image and self-worth.

• Dieting: Better known as an eating disorder, depressed teens can suffer from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or constantly dieting.

• Exercising: Although exercise is great for our bodies, when a teen seems to be over exercising and pushing their bodies to the limit, this can be a sign of depression.

• Self inflictive pain: There are many forms of self injuring your body. A few common coping mechanisms associated with teen depression are cutting, burning, and banging of the head.

• Dramatics: Teenagers suffering from depression can show anxiety, anger, and participate in risky behaviors which could cause serious injury or death. The opposite can occur as well where the depressed teen always seems sad and non-responsive.

• Suicide: A teenager who is seriously depressed will make attempts at suicide. This will be spoken, thought, or attempted. Whenever any indication of suicidal thoughts occurs, immediate attention needs to be given to the teen and help sought.



8/31/2006 4:03:20 AM
Rebecca said:

Hello my names Rebecca im 14 and recently my brother of 17 commited suicide. I didn't know very much information about teenage depression untill he died when me and my sister of 16 suffered it. This page is really good and gave me heaps of information for my speech for school I am writting at the moment thankyou

9/22/2009 5:40:58 PM
yazmin said:

hi . im yazmin . im 14 and i have symptoms of depression. how do i make someone aware? :'( thankyou for the tips thow

10/19/2009 3:41:48 PM
taylor said:

hey, im taylor. think website is really cool. my bestfriend is depressed. and i think i am too. im 14.

7/19/2011 11:07:37 AM
mae mae said:

i am 16 and my uncle recently commited suicide


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