Triggers of Teenage Depression

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What are triggers of teenage depression?

Triggers of Teenage Depression

There are many triggers that can cause depression at a young age, which is why teenage depression is so difficult to diagnose. Each teen is different and one trigger which may cause a teenager to become depressed may not happen in another teen.

Many times, a major event in the teenager's life can cause the teen to become depressed. For most teens, any significant change in their life can cause a depression to occur. A parent's divorce, moving to a new area, a death of a family member or close friend, a break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or being bullied all can be triggers. When a teenager is neglected for a long period of time by a parent or guardian, this also can trigger a depression.

Some medical sicknesses can also cause a depression like hypothyroidism. Since the thyroid is the organ which controls the hormone balance in our bodies, if it is not working properly, a teenager's mood can be affected. When the hormones aren't properly being distributed, physical symptoms occur and depression will be triggered.

A teenager not getting the proper nutrition can also trigger depression. If their body is not receiving enough vitamins and amino acids, the body reacts by causing the teen to become depressed. Always consult a therapist or physicians before treating a teen for depression.



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