Symptoms of a Depressed Teen

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What are symptoms to look for with teenage depression?

Symptoms of a Depressed Teen

Although depression of adults is widely spoken about, what about teenage depression? Many of the issues teens face everyday can be difficult from family problems at home to difficulty concentrating in school.

Some symptoms of teenage depression may help you recognize if your teenager is suffering and struggling with depression.

• Eating and sleeping habits begin to change: Some examples of eating habits could be eating too much or not eating enough; the same for sleeping.

• Weight gain or weigh loss: If the body is not getting the proper nutrients and enough sleep, then the teenager will begin to show a significant change in weight.

• Focus problems: If your teen is experiencing a lack of concentration and forgetfulness, this can cause school grades to drop.

• Overreaction and lack of patience: Sometimes the slightest criticism can set a teenager off but if it is consistently occurring, seeking professional help is recommended.

• Complaints about feeling sick with no physical symptoms: Teenagers, just like adults, can feel physically sick from depression. Nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and body pain can all be signs they may be suffering from depression.



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