Treatments for Teenage Depression

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How to treat teenage depression?

Treatments for Teenage Depression

Similar to adult depression, teenage depression is treated with a combination of therapy and medication. Below are a few approaches which have been proven to help teens suffering from depression.

• Cognitive behavioral therapy: The therapists discusses the teens problems and then begins to work together to change the negative thinking.

• Group Therapy: For teens, this can be a helpful coping approach as it shows they are not alone combating their feelings of depression.

• Physical exercise: Exercise is a helpful tool since it creates more endorphins and serotonin to be delivered to the brain. These two chemicals allow the brain chemistry to change and bring more oxygen to the body to help lift the teen's depression.

• Expressing creativity: This can be accomplished through acting, creating art, or music. All of these activities are a great outlet for teens to communicate allowing their emotions to be used toward creating a totally new concept or character.

• Medication: There are many prescription drugs for depression but not all should be used for teenage depression. Always research and see a therapist who specializes in teen depression and understands how their chemical make up is affected by medication.



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